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100% silk 
double-sided printing
size - 101x6.5 cm см

A vivid story of devotional love for freedom, which is the eternal engine of life.

Love, that does not obey time limits, social attitudes and the poison of propaganda. Love, the power of which was described by Lesia Ukrainka through Mavka in her "Forest Song": "I will live forever, I have something in my heart that never dies. This inscription is depicted on one of the sides of the scarf.

"Harmonious "Eternity" is about love, free from the influence of time, which can embrace the whole of Ukraine, protecting every piece of the native land, defending what belonged and belongs to us forever.

The war radically changed everyone's life. But it has also exposed our virtues that cannot be bombed or undermined, in particular the will to create - an anchor of the so

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100% silk
Handwash at 30 °C