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100% silk 
double-sided printing
size - 101x6.5 cm см

Who is a woman?

What is her voice?

Why does her code exist?

From the beginning to the present: a woman is an artist!

Through the eyes of the forest Mavka, the heart of Marusya Churai, woman radiates the light of her soul through the notes of the resonator in Sofia's piano.Brave, she is a child of love!
Not an illusion, and not a whim of fate.
Her name is known, she is eternity!
Innovation without unnecessary questions is a matrix of a unique PersonA, where the genus plays an important role.
It is the PersonA who is the one who has the heavenly trace in himself.
PersonA is a woman artist of the XXI century!

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100% silk
Handwash at 30 °C