SONI London's Fashion Pop-Up at Beauty Club

SONI London's Fashion Pop-Up at Beauty Club - SONI London

SONI London's Fashion Pop-Up at Beauty Club

London's fashion scene is buzzing with excitement as SONI London, the renowned platform for independent designers, partners with Beauty Club to host an exclusive pop-up event. From street style to sustainable fashion, this event promises to be a haven for fashion enthusiasts seeking unique and ethical clothing options.

At SONI London's Pop-Up, visitors will have the opportunity to explore a carefully curated collection of handmade and sustainable fashion designs. The event celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of European fashion, with a special focus on Ukrainian and Eastern European fashion designers.

The concept of slow fashion takes center stage, emphasizing quality over quantity. SONI London champions the values of circular fashion, promoting sustainable clothing that stands the test of time. By supporting independent designers and their commitment to ethical practices, SONI London brings forth a diverse range of fashion choices that reflect individual style and celebrate cultural diversity.

SONI London's Pop-Up event at Beauty Club is not just about shopping; it's an immersive experience that connects fashion enthusiasts with the stories behind the garments.

Whether you're passionate about fashion, interested in sustainable clothing, or simply seeking to embrace individuality through fashion, SONI London's Pop-Up at Beauty Club is an event not to be missed. Join us to discover the world of independent designers, celebrate European fashion, and contribute to a more sustainable and diverse fashion industry.

Dates: 15-17 June

Time: 10am - 8pm

Location: Beauty Club London, 28 Market Pl, London W1W 8AW

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