SONI London’s debut pop-up event at Soho House

SONI London’s debut pop-up event at Soho House

We are excited to share with you the incredible success of our debut pop-up event at Soho House! SONI London presented our latest collection of carefully curated independent fashion brands from Ukraine, and the response from customers was fantastic.

Our sustainable and ethical fashion practices resonated with the visitors, who appreciated the chance to support small businesses and learn more about our values of diversity, inclusivity, and innovation. We were thrilled to welcome new customers into the SONI London community and share our story with them.

Our sales were fantastic, and we are proud to say that many pieces from our latest collection were quickly sold out. We are grateful to our partners, who helped us create a welcoming and stylish atmosphere, and to Soho House for the amazing opportunity to showcase our brands.

SONI London has been granted exclusivity rights to sell the brands we represent in the UK, and we take full responsibility for the quality and integrity of the products we sell. We are committed to continuing our efforts to make a change in the fashion industry while supporting independent designers.

We are grateful for the support of our community and excited to keep bringing you the best of independent fashion. Stay tuned for more exciting news and events from SONI London!

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